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Porcine small intestinal submucosa sheets as a scaffold for human adipose-derived stromal cells for tissue engineering of soft tissues


Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) play an important role in tissue regeneration, and have been experimentally tested as part of grafts to regulate the host immune response. The decellularized porcine small intestinal submucosa (SIS) is a xenogeneic graft material able to induce specific tissue remodeling in the organ or tissue into which it is placed.

Objetivos - Metodologia - Resultados - Discussão dos Resultados/Objectives - Methodology - Results - Discussion of Results/Objetivos - Metodología - Resultados - Discusión de los resultados

In this work, the combination between human adipose-derived MSCs (ADSCs) and SIS was investigated as an alternative for recellularized scaffolds for soft tissue engineering. The SIS membranes were tested by Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy, and DTA analysis, aiming to elucidate part of its physical properties. The 96h-day ADSC cultures on SIS were investigated as to their viability and the morphological features, such as the F-actin cytoskeleton and nuclei searching parameters to evaluate biocompatibility.

Considerações Finais/Final considerations/Consideraciones finales

Both fluorescence and scanning electron (SEM) microscopies revealed that the ADSCs could adhere to SIS and grow on its surface normally. The cellular viability, F-actin organization, and nuclei were not affected by SIS, when compared to a coverslip surface. The ADSCs could differentiate into adipocytes when adhered to SIS as well as exhibit stemless maintenance up to 26 days. As a natural scaffold, SIS is compatible with ADSCs, thus providing a base for both autologous or allogeneic cell transplantations.

Palavras-chave/Key words/Palabras clave

Mesenchymal stromal cells; small intestine submucosa; xenogeneic graft, biocompatibility




CRISTIANO RODRIGUES, Carla Zanatelli, Liliana Sous Naasani, Jéssica Gonçalves Azevedo, Thais Casagrande Paim, Silvio Buchner, Márcia Rosângela Wink