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Characterization of exosomes released by the ADSCs and their effects on the motor symmetry of rats submitted to a focal ischemia model


Introduction: Hypoxia state from focal cerebral ischemia causes a neurodegenerative condition that can damage a variety of cognitive and motor functions. Using exosomes released by stem cells have shown positive results on tissue regeneration in several situations, including ischemia.

Objetivos - Metodologia - Resultados - Discussão dos Resultados/Objectives - Methodology - Results - Discussion of Results/Objetivos - Metodología - Resultados - Discusión de los resultados

Aims: Characterization of exosomes secreted by adipo derivated stem cells - ADSC, and evaluation of its effects on global recovery in rat cerebral ischemia model. Methods: ADSC (LONZA) were cultured for exosomes isolation. Purity, concentration, size, and percentage rate of exosomes were evaluated by transmission electron microscopy (TEM), Lowry’s modified method and Zetasizer-zs90 device, respectively. Focal cerebral ischemia was performed by the thermocoagulation of pia blood vessels in male Wistar rats adults. Animals were treated after 24 hours of ischemia with intranasal administration of exosomes (200μg/kg) or PBS (control) in the same volume. Cylinder test evaluated symmetry, 24 before the injury, 72h after, and weekly until the 42nd day after treatment. Analyzes were based in the first 20 touches, with differential score for ipsilateral, contralateral and both. Results: TEM analysis confirmed purity and the efficacy of the isolation method. Exosome has 100 nm of average size, and 6x107 cells secrete 1μg/μl protein (suspension of exosomes) within 48 hours. Cylinder test showed significant improvement in the symmetry of animals treated with exosomes (p<0.0001) since 7th day until the 42nd.

Considerações Finais/Final considerations/Consideraciones finales

Conclusion: We showed that with a 24-hour window therapy, there was significant improvements in the motor status of rats that underwent to ischemic conditions treated with exosomes released by ADSC.

Palavras-chave/Key words/Palabras clave

Exosome, adipo derivated stem cells, ischemia.


Mesenchymal stem cells/adultas


FRANCIELI ROHDEN, Deborah da Cruz Schafhauser , Mariana Pies Gionbelli , Luciele Varaschini Teixeira, Mariana Colombo , Diogo Onofre Gomes de Souza, Fátima Costa Rodrigues Guma