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ADSC-derived exosomes improved sequels of focal ischemia via intranasal administration 24 hours after the insult


Brain ischemia is the main cause of death worldwide. Studies with stem cells have shown great potentiation of their paracrine action, which occurs through microvesicles and exosomes released by them, thus doing cell-cell signaling. Researches reveal that the use of exosomes in brain ischemic stroke have shown very promising results.

Objetivos - Metodologia - Resultados - Discussão dos Resultados/Objectives - Methodology - Results - Discussion of Results/Objetivos - Metodología - Resultados - Discusión de los resultados

Aims: We investigate the effect of exosomes secreted by mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue (ADSC) in the recovery of rats induced to focal cerebral ischemia. Methods: We use exosomes originated from ADSC culture (LONZA) and previously characterized (purity, size and concentration). Focal cerebral ischemia was induced by thermo coagulation of pial vessels in adult Wistar rats (CEUA 31888) and the treatment performed after 24 hours of ischemic insult. Animals received intranasal 200 μg / kg of exosomes or PBS. The sensorimotor recovery was evaluated by cylinder test 24 hours before the injury, 72 hours after and weekly until the 42nd day post injury. The anxiety-like activity was evaluated by elevated plus maze test on the 7th day after treatment. Long-term habituation memory was analyzed by open field test on days 7, 21 and 42 after treatment. Results: Treatment with exosomes showed significant recovery in symmetry (p <0.0001) and anxiolytic-like effect in ischemic animals. However, long-term memory was not affected.

Considerações Finais/Final considerations/Consideraciones finales

Final considerations: Currently, stem cell research focuses in its paracrine action. In this work we demonstrate the recovery, mainly in motor function, of animals that suffered cerebral ischemia and were treated with exosomes released by ADSC, evidencing the great importance of this line research in the regeneration of ischemic.

Palavras-chave/Key words/Palabras clave

Brain ischemia, mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue , exosomes


Mesenchymal stem cells/adultas


FRANCIELI ROHDEN, Luciele Varaschini Teixeira, Mariana Pies Gionbelli, Deborah da Cruz Schafhauser, Leo Anderson Meira Martins, Fátima Costa Rodrigues Guma, Diogo Onofre Gomes de Souza